Corner cabinets make the most of hard-to-reach corners. Ask your designer which corner option works best in your design. 

We offer FOUR corner cabinet options:

1. Base corner with carousel (aka "lazy susan") makes the most of hard to reach corners with easy=spinning chrome basket trays. It's easy to store and access pots, pans and large pantry items. 

2. We also offer this wonderful "Magic Corner" which is a blind straight corner cabinet, for either right or left corners. "Blind" just means one side is covered by an adjacent cabinet. 

This cabinet provides easiest access to corner-stored items, the chromed wire frame baskets glide out smoothly just by opening the cabinet door. 

3. Blind corner cabinets with kidney-shaped swing-out shelves. The two shelves operate independently and have soft open and close.


4. Our most economical blind corner cabinets are available with shelves only.