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How our kitchen design services work

An expert layout design should be the foundation of every project. We design large and small kitchens, baths with vanities, laundry rooms, and any area in which you’d like to use our quality, affordable kitchen cabinetry. 

Our designers are certified experts. We’ve designed thousands of affordable kitchens. Use our easy DATA SUBMISSION FORM to submit your ideas, challenges and room measurements.

Don’t base your kitchen project investment on a weak design. Work with professionals and make sure that the look and the details are perfect for your modern family. 

Our service is email based so no appointments are necessary, but a design conference by phone or screen sharing may be scheduled with your designer at your convenience. Each step, from draft design to final takes about four business days. 

  1. Call for a free consultation, 1-877-550-1753. Request an estimate by phone or email.

  2. Submit our easy forms:


    We ask for measurements and your kitchen design preferences. 


We ask for data about your appliances choices.

  1. Our expert designers will study your data and request any clarifications, if needed. They will then create a design for your review. It is emailed to you in just a few business days. 

  2. A factory quote for the cabinets is provided with all services.

  3. Our $99 STARTER DESIGN SERVICE is then complete.

  4. Our ENHANCED DESIGN SERVICE proceeds to consultation and revision.

  5. Our ADVANCED DESIGN SERVICE can proceed to with up to three consultations and three revisions.