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Envision your new IKEA kitchen beautifully designed. Professionally rendered plans and elegant design are key to the success of any kitchen remodel project.

Don't settle for a cookie-cutter layout done by store service employees, and don’t risk plan errors or oversights that add to installation costs.

Work with our certified kitchen designers and watch the “IKEA kitchen magic” happen. Let us create an optimal, elegant new IKEA kitchen layout that's perfect for your modern family.

Complimentary Kitchen Consultation

Thirty minute phone consultation on IKEA kitchen project planning and design. Get expert tips. Send photos or measurements for specific issues. Available appointments.

Basic Layout Service

Our Basic Layout Service is primarily for homeowners who have created an IKEA kitchen layout and want a professional kitchen designer to ensure it is correct and will install safely, and to suggest any alternate or better layout options. We use professional design software and provide a complete IKEA order list for your finished design.

Simply email us a copy of your existing design, or access to it online, along with any other data you want the designer to have. It is helpful to include a sketch of the kitchen and surrounding rooms, with measurements.

Our designer will ensure he/she fully understands your data and will then check and/or revise the layout for you in our software. You receive 3D views, detailed schematics and IKEA pricing.

Once you have had a chance to review the initial work, one revision can be requested.

When the plan is final, an installation schematic and a complete order list with product codes are provided. We also upload the plan to your online IKEA.com account to make it easy to order at your local IKEA.

*Additional revisions after the first are $150 each.

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Professional Design Service

Our Professional Design Service is for homeowners who want an elegant, professional layout created for their new SEKTION kitchen.

First schedule an initial free consultation by calling 1-877-550-1753.

Next, email us room measurements, kitchen photos, a detailed list of “new kitchen needs and wants” and any existing layout or blueprints. Then fill out our online Design Questionnaire.

Our designers will ensure they fully understand your space and requirements and will then create a custom IKEA kitchen design layout for you, within four business days. We email you beautiful 3D images of your designs with IKEA pricing estimates for cabinets and counter tops.

Two revisions, each submitted to us via email as a list of requested changes, are included.*

Once the plan is final, an installation schematic and a complete order list with product codes are provided. We also upload the plan to your online IKEA.com account to make it quick and easy to order by phone or at your local IKEA.

This service is for typical kitchens of about 18 cabinets. For larger kitchens (20+ cabinets) please select the Pro Plus Design Service option, $495, or call us about Package Design Service pricing.

*Additional revisions are $150 each.

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Package Design Service
$595 and up

This service is for clients who have multiple rooms to design with IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Some clients simply want to add a laundry, bath or other area to their Pro or Pro Plus service at an affordable package price.

For other clients we design multiple rooms in a house, or large offices or clinics. For these, too, we provide a custom package price tailored to make these larger projects uniform, cohesive and affordable.

As with our other services, schedule a free consultation to start.

We provide the same expert design, detailed, professional drawings, complete ordering lists and plan uploads, as we do with our other design services.

Package pricing is affordable and is tailored for you based on the type of project and number of cabinets. Please contact us for more information and assistance.

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Client resources

Here are instructions for measuring, as well as graph paper you can print out, to make it easier.

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Need help finding a qualified contractor for your kitchen remodel?

As you move through the design phase with our expert designers, you will learn a lot about IKEA kitchen projects and you will be in a better position to hire a contractor. You will have detailed drawings that clearly show how the new kitchen will be laid out, allowing for accurate bids.

About Us

Our purpose is to help make your new beautiful new kitchen an affordable reality. With IKEA cabinets and expert design, you won't have to compromise to stay within your remodeling budget. We bring to your project our expert knowledge of IKEA cabinetry, creative design concepts, and experience with thousands of IKEA kitchen projects, big and small. Having worked on over 500 IKEA kitchen projects and designed thousands, we know this:

A homeowner, used to things as they are, can overlook layout modifications that can result in a much more functional kitchen. A few customized IKEA cabinets or components, or professional input on color and lighting, can often get you a far more beautiful and comfortable family space. It's crucial to have design experts on your remodeling team.

Elegant + Affordable = Smart Design

There's a lot more to kitchen design than rows of cabinets and appliances. We hope you won't settle for the the limited options of an online planner tool. Expert design should be the foundation of your project — it's the best guarantee of a smooth process and an optimal result.

Let us design your optimal kitchen layout

Your project is a completely unique challenge to us and we look forward to working with your ideas and requirements. An investment in IKEA kitchen design is an investment in optimal value and elegance.