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A New Kitchen For The Holidays

A New Kitchen For The Holidays

October 18, 2023

How long does it take to plan and execute a kitchen remodel? Every project and every person is different, of course. But generally you can get a project done in three months, if well planned. Or it can take longer. Our quickest client was done, start to finish, in six weeks.

The key is to run it yourself.

( 1 ) Choose your own materials. If you can’t trust the supplier to deliver what you order within the timeframe you need, look elsewhere. If you turn over your materials selection to a contractor, for example, you lose quite a bit of control. So figure out what you want and, with a battle plan and timeline in hand, order sooner rather than later. You can almost always schedule delivery when you are ready.

( 2 ) Start early. Every project runs into barriers and delays. That is the nature of kitchen remodeling (and life!). If you start your planning today, you’ll have that much more time later, when you might need it.

( 3 ) Every successful kitchen remodel starts, once you’ve planned and budgeted, with a great kitchen design. The design, a professional detailed design, will include spots for appliances. You don’t need to know which appliances when you start design, though a general idea helps (microwave vent hood or chimney hood, for example).

( 4 ) Once you have a design you are excited about, tweak it so it is PERFECT. Communication with your designer is key here. Let them work out the inches, you supply the details.

( 5 ) If your design is done, you can get a quote from the cabinet supplier you have chosen. Don’t let the limitations of the supplier, either production time or materials availability, change your plans or your design. Find a supplier that can meet your needs and schedule.

( 6 ) Order your cabinets as soon as you can. You can always wait to arrange delivery but ordering soon a) locks the price in and b) keeps you from having to wait weeks or months of production when you are ready for cabinets.

( 7 ) Plan the delivery of both appliances and cabinets. If you have an indoor space for storage, that is best. But if you don’t, plan accordingly. You can time delivery within a few days even with freight shippers. Once again, communication is key.

( 8 ) Once your deliveries arrive, inspect them closely. First, look at the item as it comes off the truck. Do you see damage? A lot? You can refuse shipment of something badly damaged but most important, if you see any shipping damage is to mark it on the driver’s receipt before signing it. A small detail but important. Also, have a crew of your own available to help with deliveries if needed.

( 9 ) Once your cabinets or appliances are indoors, unwrap and inspect everything carefully. There could be a limited number of days to report defective items. It isn’t always obvious until you install something but inspecting right away can help avoid delays and get you customer service support quickly.

( 10 ) Install! You or your contractor now have what is needed, insofar as cabinetry and appliances. The other projects, flooring, paint, lighting, etc. fit around these two major deliveries.

( 11 ) Touch up. Every kitchen project is major and every one is going to need a few tweaks. Your contractor calls this a “jump list” which is a list of small tweaks and adjustments needed before they consider the project done. Make your own jump list.

( 12 ) Finalize with trays, shelves, decor. Get what you love, always. But don’t buy these things until after the kitchen is mostly installed. You will know better what you really need and want then.

Invite some guests. Show off and start using your new kitchen.

Brilliant design. Elegant cabinets.

We can help you create the kitchen
of your dreams.