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Sample Client Designs

15x15 Kitchen

The client wanted to do a mix of white and walnut cabinetry and incorporate a dining table into the island. We added floating shelves to keep the space feeling open. Click images to enlarge.

15x12 Kitchen

The client wanted to keep an open feel but still have lots of storage so we kept the bulk of the cabinetry on one wall. The island gives a large counter area to work on as well as allows for seating.

Small Galley w/Seating

Small kitchens have to be even more carefully designed than large ones! You need the best possible functionality and storage in a small space.

Angled Island

Advanced design for a large space used by just two people.

Galley with Laundry

Using some of your kitchen space for laundry is necessary at times. Good design makes it work well and look great, too.

18x6 with Island

A typical kitchen with room for an island. Locating the island and building it are key to its usefulness.

16x14 kitchen design

Large kitchens allow for more creativity. The kitchen becomes a living space as well as one for food prep and dining.

9x10 kitchen design

A small kitchen where room was available to add storage on a diagonal corner. This takes an expert designer to make it work.

8x8 kitchen design

Our designer, guided by client requirements, used every inch of space in this kitchen for full functionality in a tight space.

Brilliant design. Elegant cabinets.

We can help you create the kitchen
of your dreams.