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Appliances Data Form

If you don't yet know about an appliance, leave that question blank.


    Vent Hood

    1A. Vent hood style

    2B. Range dimensions

    1C. Vent hood model number


    2A. Range type

    2B. Range dimensions

    1C. Range model number


    3A. Cooktop type

    3B. Cooktop dimensions

    3C. Cooktop model number

    Built in oven

    4A. Built in oven placement preference

    4B. Built in oven dimensions

    4C. Built in oven model number



    5A. Dishwasher dimensions

    5B. Dishwasher model number

    5C. Will dishwasher have a cabinetry door panel


    6A. Refrigerator dimensions

    6B. Refrigerator model number


    7A. Microwave style

    7B. Microwave dimensions

    7C. Microwave model number

    Microwave height?

    Other appliances (optional)

    8A. Under counter bar/mini refrigerator dimensions

    8B. Under counter bar/mini refrigerator model number

    8C. Trash compactor dimensions

    8D. Trash compactor model number

    8D. List any other kitchen appliances with dimensions and model number.

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