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    Modern Family Kitchens Design Service Agreement-2023

    Our goal is to provide excellent service and elegant professional designs to every client. A clear agreement as to how the design process will proceed has proven valuable to all concerned.

    Modern Family Kitchen’s Design Services fees represent payment for a design service, described herein, for kitchens, baths, or other areas requiring kitchen cabinetry planning. Our service is email-based and includes data review, conceptual draft, elevation and/or perspective drawings, and a detailed factory cabinet quote for the finished design. Some service options, listed below, include a specified number of revisions.

    Payments for Modern Family Kitchens design services are non-refundable. Liability is limited to the fee paid for the design service.

    Modern Family Kitchens works only and directly with the Client, he or she who has paid for the service. We accept data and requests directly from the Client only, from one email address, and not from other parties, such as spouses or the client’s contractor. We have found this to be the most successful method.

    Once our service fee is paid and data forms and signed agreement received, the design process will commence and drawings can be released to the client. Free consultations or data submitted before the design service begins are not recorded. There is no phone or other types of consulting with our $99 Design Service. With our ENHANCED and ADVANCED Design Services, calls or screen sharing with the designer can be arranged during the design process to the extent of the described service.

    Client understands that there are no rush services. Typical turnaround time for a design or revision is four business days. In signing up for service the Client understands and agrees to the wait time.

    Client agrees to provide accurate and complete measurements to Modern Family Kitchens, and clear, concise appliance data on their Data Submission Form. Client understands that any missing or inaccurate data will delay the design process.

    Client agrees to purchase an additional revision if room measurements are changed requiring redesign once the design process has begun and draft design has been sent to the client.

    Revision requests consisting of as many changes as wanted are to be compiled and submitted at one time for each revision included in the service purchased. Added requests between revisions will require the purchase of an additional revision to incorporate. Once the included revisions are done and a quote is provided, the service is complete, and any further changes require the purchase of an extra revision. Additional revisions are $95 (for Enhanced service) or $195 (for Advanced service) each.

    Client needs a basic familiarity with available kitchen cabinet options to be able to understand the design work and request revisions.The Client should refer to the kitchen cabinet spec sheets in our catalog. Our designs are created only with ONE brand/style of kitchen cabinets and panels. We can integrate appliances of most brands and custom panels are usually available for them.

    Client understands that the design relates only to our line of kitchen cabinets (including trim and panels) and the client’s appliances, and does not include specifications for lighting, electrical, tile, countertop, flooring, etc. Client also understands that we cannot provide architectural solutions (for example, whether to remove a wall) or installation instructions. We do provide schematics and drawings that most installers can use easily. We do not provide remodeling or installation support or advice.

    Client agrees to reconfirm measurements and appliance sizes for correctness. The design service is complete once a final design and quote have been provided. Client is responsible for final confirmation that design and quoted items are complete and correct. Having one’s contractor check the design is recommended.

    • I have carefully read this Agreement and understand its contents. I agree to these terms of service

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