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Where To Put the Microwave?

Where To Put the Microwave?

April 22, 2022

Our smokey gray color with an under-counter/drawer cabinet. Nice, right?

In any kitchen design, our designers have to work out, with the client, the best placement for a microwave. Microwaves have become part and parcel of almost every kitchen because they save so much time in food prep.

There are numerous solutions to the problem, they all work. The question is how and how often does the homeowner use their microwave. This suggests the most functional placement.

1) On the counter. This is the simplest and often least costly solution.

2) On a microwave cart. Carts are not part of a typical kitchen installation but can be purchased in many places in a wide range of prices. Carts can save counterspace when there is room space for one.

Microwave cart

There are hundreds of microwave carts available on Amazon. Here are two.

3) Above the stove. Many microwaves are designed to be installed under a wall cabinet and above the stove. Many have venting capability. With some actual venting to outdoors is needed but for many, the filter built in to the microwave is sufficient. This is another simple and affordable solution.

Microwave/vent above the stoves. >

4) Built in to a double oven cabinet. If you plan on a wall cabinet, you can, for a few extra bucks, use a DOUBLE oven cabinet and use the second opening for a microwave.

Microwave in a double oven cabinet

5) On a shelf. Creating the shelf is usually the contractor’s job but have it spec-ed out by your designer. Sometimes the shelves can be made to look built right into the cabinets you have. Sometimes an independent shelf fits and looks best.

There are many types of shelves for this purpose. Aluminum brackets fit into this category as do cabinet extensions the microwave can sit on.

6) In the past few years, the under-the-counter microwave placement has become increasingly popular. This can be a space-saver and a highly functional placement for some kitchens and for some families.

Another under-the-counter microwave placement

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