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Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online

Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online

June 24, 2022

The majority of consumer purchases as done online these days. But for big ticket items, like a car, we usually go to a dealership to see and testa car we are considering.

Kitchen cabinets for a remodel or for a new build are also a major purchase. Some bigger cities have cabinet retailes and even smaller cities have big box stores that sell cabinets.

So, what are, or can be, the advantages to buying kitchen cabinets online?

The local store has to charge you for the store itself, and its employees. That will add to the price of your cabinets. The local store might have very few color/finish choices and your new kitchen will look the same as thousands of others in your area. The local store, when you go to look, will have employee sales people who often work on commission and will be encouraging you to buy what is best for them or for the store. These are just examples. You might just find something you love and service you like to go with it.

Still, buying online has many advantages. There are many many choices. Because of this, most sites that sell cabinets will offer free or low cost services, or consultations with experts, not store employees but professionals.

The design of your kitchen is the key to success. Make sure any local store has professional designers to work with you. Ask them about their credentials. And about commissions, as mentioned above.

Online, you can see exactly what you are getting. A good design service will have a written agreement to ensure you get what you are paying for. Design is so important that you simply don’t want to scrimp. A professional designer who comes to your home can cost upwards of $1000. But it is not at all necessary to come to your home. Kitchen designers work with measurements, as well as your preferences and ideas. If you can measure, you can save yourself many hundreds right up front. Most kitchen designers these days will use video, phone, email, your choice. They will make sure your design is complete and that you love it.

Another big advantage to buying cabinets online is that it’s usually very straightforward and very simple. It takes a bit of time and lots of communication to make sure you are buying the items you need and want, but, again, your time investment will save you a lot of money.

Another way, beside stores, people get cabinets sometimes, is through their contractor. This might be the worst method. Here’s why. You contractor is buying what is available to him, encouraging you to use this line, and then marking it up.

Maybe the best tip of all is to buy cabinets, as well as appliances, flooring, tile, paint, etc. yourself. Choose what you want and have a skilled contractor to install these things. But don’t buy materials from a contractor because you will almost inevitably pay more and get less.

If you like modern styling, this tip about buying online because vital. Few cities have modern cabinet stores although they can be found in large cities, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, etc. The prices will astound you! However, quality modern cabinetry can be bought online at a much lower price. You might have to do a bit of research but you really can save many thousands of dollars buying cabinets online.

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