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Kitchen Cabinet Dealers

Kitchen Cabinet Dealers

June 8, 2022

Where can you find the cabinets you need? Where csn you find quality cabinets that are within your budget? Where in the US can you find European frameless modern cabinets? Where can you find, for kitchen remodeling in the USA, american-made cabinets?

There are few local places that offer the choices and prices found online. A local cabinet store is a DEALER, buying cabinets from one or several manufacturers and re-selling them retail to yhou.

In some areas there are actual cabinet makers but these are fewer and fewer because the cost is just oo high for most homeowners given all the great options you can find on the Internet.

Manufacturers of kitchen cabinets are almost always large factories. They generally produce just one style of cabinet, usually traditional framed or shaker frameless. This is why a local dealer will have multiple brands in their showroom.

The biggest advantage to a local re-seller is they will often have a local showroom. The cost of having one is reflected in the cost of the cabinets, of course. They might or might not be professional kitchen design expeerts but might work with local interior designers who get a commission for bringing in a sale. If you are working with an interior designer, or even a local kitchen designer, ask if they get commissions from materials suppliers they recommend. This might be ok with you, but it is adding to your cost.

It is also true with contractors that they are buying wholesale and selling to you retail. Avoid this added cost buy buying your own cabinets and most other remodeling materials. Cabinets are your biggest materials cost so this point is especially important with cabinets.

Finding kitchen cabinets onine is the way to spend the least and get the most. Kitchen cabinet experts, because of that high cost of a brick-and-morter store or showroom, often build a business online. They have to offer quality and great prices to compete with local dealers. They depend on satisfied or even thrilled clients to spread the word. Some invest in google ads or social media marketing and where these are fine, google ads are expensive and they will, ineveitably, add to your cost.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling USA, online shopping is the way to go. But keep in mind that you will need a kitchen design expert, or kitchen design service, to make sure your investment turns out the way you envision. You could say that a kitchen remodeling project depends more on a professional kitchen designer than it does on a kitchen remodeling contractor. Contractors are not designers.

Spend a few bucks of your budget on kitchen design services. You don’t need an architect and you don’t need an interior designer (who might specify colors and materials (often earning commissions, as noted above). Any kitchen remodeling project needs a professional kitchen designer but these can be found online as easily as cabinets. You don’t need them to be local as a truly professional kitchen designer works from measurements, photos and general preference data you supply (via email etc.). Here too, being able to work with you remotely will enable theym to charge MUCH less than a local designer who comes out to your house. The cost to do an in-home visit, just ignores how great kitchen design is really done. It’s nice to have a visitor but do you want to pay $1200 for design or $300?

Speaking of expert kitchen design, be wary of big box store design services. Instead of professional design you’ll get store employee design. They might be trained personnel but it’s a very different experience to work with a pro you have hired.

Look for cabinets you love online and save yourself a bundle. In major cities you can find anything but the prices are almost guaranteed to be significantly lower online. You might need to do a bit of research to find what you want online, But it will save you many thousands of dollars to do so.

Look online for expert kitchen designers, as well. There is some amazing talent available to you at a very low cost when you do this.

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