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European Kitchens in the US

European Kitchens in the US

July 13, 2022

We help our clients create beautiful, affordable modern kitchens. Yo can call them by many names, including the name of our company! Modern family kitchens. Cause that’s what we do.

We’e noticed that people who want a modern kitchen call the style of cabinet many different names. Flat panel doors, slab doors, European frameless cabinets and some think of white modern cabinets only.

So what does European or Euro-Style really mean? Ultimately it means what a person thinks it means but, having seem European kitchens I can tell you a bit on this.

First, most European kitchens are small, or smaller than US kitchens. The 30 cabinet kitchen with island is unusual. As do people who have million dollar apartments in NYC, their kitchens, in buildings built 50 or more yearas ago, are tiny.

So how does this affect the cabinets they use?

First, keeping a kitchen clean when it is tiny is a special challenge so flat panesl doors are always preferred.

Some even save on space by making sure the handles are not sticking out far.

But more important, making sure every inch is used to it’s best advantage is the key consideration. You really need a professional designer to make that happen. Also, having cabinetry that can be customized so as to rule out dead spaces and wasted spaces, or using counters for appliances that could be stored if the kitchen is well designed, are both vital.

Also there is a look we consider “Euro”. It’s sleek, is the best word I can think of. No early American touches. Clean, smooth surfaces, straight lines, quality hardware and utter functionality in all aspects.

Many Americans also love this kind of kitchern. It looks way more costly than shaker styles but it doesn’t have to cost any more!

Our company does offer the kind of design work and the type of cabintry that can get youj a European style kitchen, with the sleek look and clean lines. You need both design and cabintry. It DOES NOT have to be expensive. You can have a high end, Euro-style kitchen for a very affordable price. We can help.

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