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Creative Kitchen Remodeling

Creative Kitchen Remodeling

May 24, 2022

Some homeowners think about and then plan their kitchen project years in advance. The idea of a beautiful, clean new kitchen with lots of storage, counterspace and whatever features are perfect for their family. Other homeowners want to sell and want to spend the least to get s nice kitchen a buyer will want.

We all fall somewhere between these two situations–our dream kitchen or someone else’s dream!

No matter which type of homeowner you are, creating something wonderful makes sense. No matter the budget.

You might make some calls and imagine that every contractor, every cabinet company, every tile store, is out to make the most money off of you and may or may not have good quality products and services. This could be true occasionally but most sellers and service providers have good intentions and want you to be happy with the result. They want to stay in business and feel their work has helped you.

With this in mind, your job becomes to weed out those who do not have the best intentions and to choose who does want to help you and can do so within your budget. Not all of us want to cheat you, profit unfairly off you, or provide the least service possible. Some compsnies and some people are real AND competent. Look for them.

Once you have a good contractor and good materials suppliers, your job is to ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. If you don’t see something in a catalog, ask for it anyway. You never know.

If it seems impossible to have an island in a small kitchen, ask the designer if there is any way to do it anyhow.

If the tile you want is just above your tile budget and seems a bit costly to you, ask for a deal. Some suppliers can help. Others really are pricing their products at the lowers price they can. But ask anyway.

If the contractor you want is booked up for six months but you need to do your project sooner, ask if there is any way. Persist. If you have to find another contractor, that is ok. Just don’t back off from what you really need and want. You are the customer, after all!

How about cabinets? These are likely to be your biggest materials expense. Don’t compromise therefore. Spend a few hundred or even a few thousand more and get what you really want, and get quality not junk. Big Box displays might look nice but do you really want fiberboard? Or a mass-marketed style? Will a store employee will be the best kitchen designer or would you prefer a professional who can spend time and isn’t paid by the sales department? SURE IT’S CHEAP. But how many kitchens will you remodel, and remember, the idea is to create something beautiful and something you love.

You can be on a budget the still get a beautiful kitchen remodeling result. Ask for what you need and want. Ask twice or more times if needed. Don’t settle for cheap products or grouchy, unavailable contractors. Remember always that there ARE quality products in your price range and there ARE cheerful, accomodating contractors that are happy to work for you when you need them and provide really good service at a great price.

These good things are out there. Keep asking. Don’t settle. Make it your 100% intention to create something wonderful and push through the barriers and things that seem to stop you by making more calls, trying other channels, and knowing that in the end you will get what you want.

If you have good intentions yourself, and big, creative ideas, I just know you will get what you want.

Brilliant design. Elegant cabinets.

We can help you create the kitchen
of your dreams.